Moving Material Resources Safely With Care

MM Machinery Pvt.Ltd.(MM Enterprise) make Goliath Cranes are designed and manufactured in accordance with IS/BS/DIN. Considering adequate factor of safety with respect to appropriate duty. The structural parts of the cranes are designed in accordance with IS/BS/DIN. MM Machinery Pvt.Ltd.(MM Enterprise) also manufactures cranes as per international standards. MM Machinery Pvt.Ltd.(MM Enterprise) cranes are manufactured with standard components and controls to ensure reliability. Our wide range of goliath cranes are useful for handling material resources for various industries and projects.

  • Span : 3 mtrs. to 30 mtrs.
  • Safe Working Load : 1.0 ton to 30 ton
  • Drive System : Accordance with IS/BS/DIN Structural Parts and Other
  • Class of Duty / Standards : Equivalent to M3, M5, M7, M8 as per IS/BS/DIN Miscellaneous Parts with IS/BS/DIN
  • Speeds : Selected depending on client specifications/applications/ shed dimensions.