Moving Material Resources Safely With Care : MM Machinery Pvt.Ltd. (MM Enterprise) Single Girder and Double Girder E.O.T. Cranes are designed and manufactured in accordance with IS/BS/DIN. Considering adequate factors of safety with respect to appropriate duty, the structural parts of the cranes are designed in accordance with IS/BS/DIN. MM Machinery Pvt.Ltd. (MM Enterprise) also manufactures / utilises standard components and controls to ensure reliability.

  • Span : 3 mtrs. to 20 mtrs.
  • Safe Working Load : 0.5 ton to 15.0 ton
  • Crane Control : From floor through Pendant Push Buttons, Optionally through Radio Remote Control / cabin with master control.
  • Power Supply System : To Hoist and Cross Travel through Trailling Cables / Drag Chain to Crane through Shrouded Bus Bars / Trailling Cable / MS Angle Iron Conductors / Bare Copper Conductors (depending on customer’s choice and application).
  • Motors : Squirrel Cage & Slip Ring Motors based on application requirements, built-in separator electrically operated fail to safe brakes for all three motions. Motors with “F” class insulation provided in all motions.